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XS Scuba Recoil Fins

XS Scuba Recoil Fins

XS Scuba



Using patented spring technology, the Recoil Fins deliver peak performance with minimal effort. The result is amazing efficiency! Couple this with a comfortable foot pocket and you will have your new favorite fin. If your current fins hurt your ankles, cramp or fatigue your legs, try Recoil fins. Underwater propulsion has never been more comfortable.

• Robust 316 stainless springs built into the side ribs allow the blade to drop back
on the upstroke while positioning the blade at the optimal power angle on the
down stroke
• Comes standard with stainless steel spring straps
• Spring straps have a comfortable heel pad and a large finger pull for easy
• Traditional all rubber design provides comfort and durability
• The foot pocket has an extra-large opening in the front to prevent toe cramping

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