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XS Scuba Delrin Plug Set

XS Scuba Delrin Plug Set

XS Scuba



If you have different second stage regulators for different rig configurations and they are not always attached to your low-pressure hose. Proper protection of the second stage inlet and the exposed hose end when they are not attached is important. Lots of environmental contaminates and crawling things can easily make their way into an unprotected second stage or hose. XS Scuba's Delrin Plug Set can give the added protection the regulator and hose require to keep them clean and ready for use.

Plug set includes both a machined male and a female threaded noncorrosive Delrin plug. Male plug caps off and keeps clean the second stage end of a low-pressure hose, while the female plug protects the inlet-end of the second stage regulator. Male and female plugs have 9/16-18 threads. Plugs are not designed to be used under pressure.

Product Features

  • Male Plug Cap-Off and Keep Clean Second Stage End of LP Regulator Hose
  • Female Plug Cap-Off and Keep Clean Inlet of Second Stage
  • Plug Threads: 9/16-18
  • Includes Both Male and Female Plugs
  • Machined Delrin Construction
  • Note: Not-to-Be-Used Under Pressure
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