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Inground Pools

Service for Gunite, Cement, or Liner pools. Even pools with Spa/Water features


Above Ground Pools

Stop Leaks at the Source with Professional Inspection and Repair


Commercial Pools

Expert Underwater Service Assistance for Efficient Leak Detection


The Power of Decades of Expertise in Your Hands.

Save time and skip the voicemail. Get faster support by using our convenient 'service request' webform.

  1. To submit your information or ask a question, click 'request service'.
  2. Then, select the appropriate pool and click 'add to cart'.
  3. Use the custom request option to add a note, and then click 'add to cart'.
  4. Next, enter your contact information by clicking 'next'.
  5. Finally, click 'confirm' to submit your request.

*Please note that the scheduling team responds to requests in the order they are received during business hours (M-F 10a-5:30p).



Our main goal is to help you achieve a leak free pool as fast as possible. If weather allows, we can dive!

  • After a webform is received, the scheduling department will contact you back.
  • Appointments can typically be scheduled within 1- 5days of a service request.
  • Contactless service is possible thanks to our convenient scheduling system.
  • There is no need to be home at the time of your service appointment.
  • You will be updated via text message/email every step of the way!

The best way to request a service, or ask a question, is to submit a webform request.


Who Will Benefit From our Services?

Are you adding water to your pool on a regular basis? Then you likely have a crack or liner tear in your pool.

  • New England Dive is the leading specialist for leak detection of pool/water basins.
  • A full visual leak inspection is performed to identify any active or possible problems.
  • Leaks capable of being fixed by our services are sealed at the time of service.
  • Issues that cannot be rectified by these services, will be identified.
  • Identification of leaks beyond our services help pool owners formulate faster & more efficient renovation plans with contractors. 

Type of Pools Serviced

  • Inground pools
  • Above ground pools
  • Commercial pools
  • Indoor & Outdoor pools
  • Gunite pools
  • Cement pools
  • Vinyl liner pools
  • Pools with spas
  • Pools with water features

Home Buyer Inspection

  • Water basin inspections can alert buyers of potential expenses before it's too late.
  • Swimming pool inspection provides peace of mind during a sale.
  • A pool company can provide an inspection, but they can't get to the bottom like we can.

About Pool Basin Inspection Service.

Helpful Information for scheduling


Is the pool?

  • Open and running
  • Clear or green
  • What is the rate of loss in inches per 24 hours
  • How long have you been experiencing the leak
  • Is the pool at normal running level
  • If not at running level, how far down is it from the bottom of the skimmer mouth

Required Conditions of Pool for Service

Having the pool full and clear is important for us to provide you the best service.

  • STANDARD RUNNING LEVEL: Applies positive pressure to the leak for conclusive identification and, if needed, carry out initial tests on filtration systems.
  • CLEAR: Ensuring both clarity and sanitation, the technician can safely enter the water during the process.
  • OPEN: To facilitate the service, please make sure to remove the cover from the pool. Please keep in mind that cover removal and replacement services may attract an extra charge.

What Does a Pool Basin Inspection Service Include?

  • SERVICE TIME: Inspection usually takes between 20-90 minutes. In cases where the inspection takes longer than 90 minutes, hourly charges may apply. However, it is important to note that 99% of pools can be rectified in just one visit and do not require additional service time.
  • MATERIALS- LINER POOLS: The service includes 1 unit of repair materials for liner pools. This is equivalent to about 12 patches or 12 square inches. If larger patches are needed, an additional materials fee may apply.
  • MATERIALS- GUNITE or CEMENT POOLS: This service includes 1 unit of epoxy repair material for cement or gunite pools. This is the equivalent to about 12 inches of epoxy work. If larger patches are needed, an additional materials fee may apply.

Do I have to be home at the time of service?

  • You are not obliged to be at home during the service. Our schedule operates on a tight timeline, and there is no way to accurately determine the duration of each inspection. Consequently, it is not possible to give you an exact arrival time for your pool. However, we will provide you with a scheduled date for the service..
  • Given that most swimming pools are situated outdoors, homeowners tend to feel at ease with allowing our service even when they are not present. Feel free to continue with your daily activities without worrying about waiting for our team. Throughout the entire process, you will receive automated text message updates regarding the progress of your service.

Post Service Submission & Payments

After Completing the Service Request, our scheduling specialist will reach out to you to collect:

  • Additional details about your request/leak
  • Discuss scheduling.
  • Provide you with a customized cost estimate tailored to the style of your pool and the service distance involved.
  • At this time a credit card authorization form will be sent to you.
  • Please ensure the card authorization form is filled out prior to service.

Payment is due upon receipt of service:

  • A credit card authorization form will be sent to you at the time of scheduling.
  • Please ensure the credit card authorization form is filled completed prior to service.
  • If you are home, our technician will be able to accept cash, check, or card payments on-site.
  • In the event that you will not be present for service, the card you have listed on file will be charged for payment.

Text Messaging & Appointment Notifications

After submitting the online Service Request form:

Our scheduling system will now have the ability to text chat with you about your service. The messenger is tied to the primary number you have entered for the account.

After submitting the online submission form (and after our staff has contacted you to approve scheduling & fees for service)

The following automated messages will keep you updated about your service every step of the way:

  • Information about your booking
  • When the tech is in route to your home 'On My Way'
  • When they have finished. 

Once the technician arrives at your residence, they will promptly proceed to the pool. Prior to their arrival, please ensure that the gates accessible or that any necessary arrangements regarding entry codes or keys have already been discussed.

Post inspection, the technician will locate attempt to locate you at the property or communicate with you via text or call once they have completed their work to provide a report of their findings.

Following Service

The homeowner must monitor the water level for 24 hours after the service on a clear day to verify that the leak has ceased.

REMINDER: Natural water loss from evaporation averages between 1/8″- 1/4″ per day in a standard pool. (If there is no rain this can add up to almost 2″ of evaporation in a week!) Pools with high wind exposure, full sun exposure, heaters, and excessive water movement (like waterfall features) will experience even higher rates of natural water loss because of natural evaporation. **Please take this into account when monitoring waterloss post service.** 

Measuring Water Loss

To measure the rate of water loss/24hours:

  1. Apply a piece of tape with the bottom edge resting right on the water level.
  2. Take a picture of the tape mark when it is applied.
  3. Wait 24 hours with no rain
  4. Then take another picture
  5. Comparing these 2 pictures will show the rate of water loss in inches per 24hrs.

This result is extremely important and helpful in solving a pool leaks.

*Note: During the swim season, or when pool is open and running, it is best practice to run this test 2x.

  • First with the pool filtering
  • Then again when the pool is off and not filtering.

Running this test with the pool filtering vs. not filtering for 24hrs each with no rain will assist in determining whether the leak is in the swim basin, or the piping.