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Bare Reactive 5mm Mens Wetsuit Blue

Bare Reactive 5mm Mens Wetsuit Blue





Representing a major step in wetsuit innovation, the Reactive 5mm uses Graphene OMNIRED, a responsive textile that warms the wearer using their own body heat. By tapping this heat-capturing technology, the Reactive can insulate for hours without skipping a beat. The body-responsive effects of Graphene, combined with the power of OMNIRED, allow divers to maximize their comfort on every dive. In fact, lab tests have shown a 5-degree Celsius average temp increase over the original OMNIRED Technology.

Fundamentally, Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure. At room temperature, it's one of the best conductors of thermal energy ever discovered. Materially, Graphene is strong, flexible, lightweight and, of course, highly conductive-all traits that are well suited for use in a wetsuit.

But we didn't stop at the lining. In a step toward sustainable design, the Reactive is made from a clean limestone-based foam that minimizes pollution while performing at the same level (or higher) as petroleum-based alternatives. Dope-dyed fibers cut pollution and wastewater discharge in our textile operations, and water-based glue-rather than solvent-perform over the long life of your suit while sparing the air of unclean toxins during the production process.

    Product Features

    • Graphene OMNIRED delivers unparalleled insulation
    • Limestone-based foam that cuts pollution, but not performance
    • Dope-dyed fibers cut pollution and wastewater discharge
    • Water-based glue spares the air of unclean toxins
    • Hook-and-loop adjustment on collar features a booklet-style cover, to protect your suit from snags and pilling
    • Seamless underarms for superior comfort and mobility
    • Extra-long (21 in.) G-Lock2 back zipper with offset tooth design and PU coated zip tape guards against water entry
    • Skin-to-skin double internal sealing zipper flap
    • Full length puller with silicon print for easy grip; grip tab at base ofthe zipper
    • Extra-long (11 in.) heavy-duty ankle zippers for easy donning (7MM + 5MM only)
    • Armor Flex 2.0 highly flexible, durable, abrasion resistant 3-Dkneepads
    • Anatomically correct pattern for three dimension fit throughout
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