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Scubapro S-TEK Diving Fin

Scubapro S-TEK Diving Fin


Discover SCUBAPRO's S-Tek Fin: Unleashing the Future of Diving Excellence

Dive into the future with the S-Tek Fin - SCUBAPRO's latest marvel in the esteemed S-Tek technical diving series. Engineered with precision for the dedicated technical diver, it promises a surge of power exactly when you need it. Sculpted from the robust Monoprene material, it promises to champion even the most intense underwater quests, setting it apart from the ordinary.

Its aerodynamic silhouette, combined with a 30-degree pre-angled blade, guarantees an effective kick with minimal exertion. This groundbreaking architecture ensures blade rigidity without excessive drag, drastically reducing chances of leg fatigue. The result? An unprecedented diving experience, offering agility and prowess even during intricate kicks, allowing divers to glide seamlessly beneath the waves.

But there's more. The Clean Water Blade alongside the Vented Blade design strikes a perfect balance between reducing drag and maximizing propulsion, ensuring each stroke is power-packed. The unique Hydra-Loop, with its ramped and reinforced front, elevates lateral rigidity, leading to efficient alternate kicks and creating a hydrodynamic profile for amplified thrust.

But the genius of the S-Tek Fin doesn't end there. Its innovative removable Stainless Steel Weight Plate System offers buoyancy options, letting divers choose their ideal underwater profile. With its modular two-part design - separate blade and foot pocket - transporting becomes effortlessly simple. The robust Sure-Lock Connection System further accentuates this convenience, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly.

Finally, the open heel foot pocket, coupled with a reinforced heavy-duty bungee strap, ensures that adaptability and comfort are never compromised, regardless of your choice of boot.

Step into the future of diving with the S-Tek Fin - a testament to SCUBAPRO's commitment to superior underwater performance.


Key Features

  • Monprene Build: Engineered for unparalleled resilience
  • 30-Degree Blade: Efficient kicking, reduced effort
  • Drag-Reducing Design: Maximized thrust in every stroke
  • Hydra-Loop Edge: Improved lateral rigidity
  • Versatile Buoyancy Options: Choose your underwater profile
  • Easy Transport: Modular two-part design


Scubapro Open Heal Fin Sizing Guide
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