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Hollis NeoTek 8/7/6mm V2 Semidry Wetsuit

Hollis NeoTek 8/7/6mm V2 Semidry Wetsuit




Discover the warmth of our elite immersion technology with the tough and reliable NeoTek 8/7/6 V2 hooded semi-dry.

Constructed from a compression resistant 8/7/6mm neoprene and a Hollis exclusive ThermaSkin inner liner, this V2 suit includes a front neckdam with a revolutionary G-lock horizontal front zipper for easy on/off and a tight barrier against water intrusion. To further protect against water intrusion, the arms and legs are also sealed against leaks with an internal dam.

Tech-friendly pockets on both the left and right thighs for storing critical dive accessories.

This new model is also built from eco-friendly neoprene that provides more stretch and comfort than the classic NeoTek, so you can enjoy more dexterity in and out of the water.

Available in nine sizes and ready for the harshest conditions, the NeoTek V2 is the most trustworthy technical semi-dry suit you'll ever own.

Product Features

  • 8/7/6 mm mix of compression resistant and super-stretch neoprene
  • Eco-friendly: neoprene production waste is recycled and reused—minimizing landfill waste
  • Exclusive “ThermaSkin” inner liner
  • G-lock horizontal front zipper with internal bib
  • Neck, Wrist and Ankle internal dams
  • Seams are quadruple glued and butt joined with a blindstitch
  • Liquid glued seams cover entire suit
  • Tech-friendly thigh pockets on both left and right thigh for storage of critical accessories
  • Seams sewn and double taped for extreme protection
  • Attached hood standard
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