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Henderson Mens 5/3MM Thermo Pro Hooded Vest

Henderson Mens 5/3MM Thermo Pro Hooded Vest




Great for layering, add the 5/3mm Thermoprene Hooded Vest to your exposure protection gear. Wear it with board shorts in warm waters or layer it with any type of wetsuit for cold-water diving. The vest maximizes heat retention and diver comfort by utilizing panels of different thicknesses at key locations. Constructed from Thermoprene's soft and comfortable premium neoprene also means that this vest is easy to slip into or to layer with another garment without feeling any discomfort.  

    Product Features

    • Great for Layering in Cold Water
    • Use as Stand-Alone Suit with Board Shorts in Warm Water
    • 5/3mm Thermoprene Pro Nylon 2 Neoprene Rubber
    • Anatomically Friendly Suit Accessory Design
    • Form-Enhancing Fit and Better Thermal Performance
    • Best in Construction Techniques
    • Seams: Glued and Sewn
    • Balance of Performance and Price
    • Greater Flexibility than Standard Neoprene
    • 250% Stretch Neoprene Significant Improvement Over 180% Stretch of Original
    • Lycra Trim
    • Thermoprene is Noticeably Easier to Don
    • Revolutionary One-Way Flow Vent Purge Valve
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