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Aqualung Ava 6/4MM Glove

Aqualung Ava 6/4MM Glove

Aqua Lung



Ava Gloves are designed with longer and narrower palms and fingers, to anatomically fit the female hand, and a rubberized pattern for an excellent grip. The Ava is available in 3/2mm and 6/4mm super stretch neoprene and has triple glued blind-stitched seams for optimal comfort and warmth

Product Features

Longer and narrower in the palm & fingers to best fit a womans hand

Super stretch neoprene throughout for comfort

Triple glued and blind-stitched seams are water tight

Rubberized pattern on palm and fingers provide excellent grip

Thicker neoprene on the back of the hand for warmth and thinner neoprene on the palm for greater dexterity

1-Year Limited Warranty

Packaged on a hanging header card

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