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Aqualung Titan Regulator

Aqualung Titan Regulator

Aqua Lung



The third-generation Titan regulator brings new innovation while keeping its excellent value. The updated Titan regulator integrates the lightweight feel, rugged durability and easy-tobreathe functionality of its predecessors, while updating with a fresh design. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • 1st Stage Technology                Diaphragm, balanced
  • Mechanism                                   T-shape
  • Wet chamberWet chamber        Yes
  • Maximal Working                        Pressure300 bar in DIN version, 232 bar in yoke version
  • ACD System                                    No
  • Number of HP ports                    2 (7/16" UNF)
  • Number of MP ports                    4 (3/8" UNF)
  • Medium Pressure                           9.5 bar ± 0.5 bar (137 ±7 psi)
  • Flow Rate (Surface, Hose)            1450 l/min (51.2 cubic feet/min) HP = 200 bar
  • Body                                                Marine brass, bright chrome plating
  • Shield protector                            Polyurethane
  • Removable HP crown, spring    Stainless steel
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