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Atomic Aquatics SS1 Color Kit

Atomic Aquatics SS1 Color Kit




Kit allows you to color coordinate your dive gear so not only will you have some of the finest equipment available you'll look good too! Atomics Color Kit for the SS1 Regulator (see SKU's: ATMSS1S and ATMSS1T) are available in red, yellow, royal blue, and pink or purple. Match your fins, BCD or wet suit accent colors, mask, snorkel or other gear. Easy to install and you will be a well color coordinated diver. Kit includes purge cover, adjustment knob, knob screw, and exhaust deflector in the color of your choice. Kit included purge cover, power and oral inflator buttons in the color of your choice. Buttons are made from plastic with 316-grade stainless steel stems and the purge cover a soft pliable plastic.

Product Features

  • Atomic Color Kit for SS1 Regulator
  • SS1 Regulator: See SKU's: ATMSS1S and ATMSS1T
  • Do You Like your Gear to Match?
  • Color Coordinate Dive Gear
  • Match BCD or Wet Suit Accent Colors, Fins, Mask, Snorkel or Other Gear
  • Kit included Purge Cover, Power and Oral Inflator Buttons
  • Buttons: Plastic with 316-Grade Stainless Steel Stems
  • Cover: Soft Pliable Plastic
  • Look Good when Diving!
  • Available in Multiple Colors
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