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Backscatter MacroMate Mini +15 with 55mm Filter Holder

Backscatter MacroMate Mini +15 with 55mm Filter Holder




Super sharp images and high contrast video come standard with the Backscatter Flip +15 MacroMate Mini Underwater Lens. Use your GoPro to capture minuscule marine life and intricate coral formations. The lens threads into a 55mm adapter, which is included, for secure underwater photography and videography. Add filters such as polarizers, blue water filters, and green water filters to maximize your photos and video. The +15 MacroMate Mini Underwater Lens requires the FLIP Filters Frame to mount to the GoPro.

  • Great for macro photography
  • Precision optical glass and aluminum construction
  • Vacuum-sealed glass for underwater use
  • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum construction
  • Threads into the included 55mm adapter
  • Flip design for fumble-free underwater photography
  • Neoprene pouch is included to keep your lens protected when not in use
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