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Aqualung Xscape Womens Rashguard Leggings

Aqualung Xscape Womens Rashguard Leggings

Aqua Lung



The XSCAPE rashguards and leggins protect you from sunburn and jellyfish stings, above or below the surface, and can be used as an additional layer below your wetsuit. These long-sleeve aqualung rashguards can also be used for snorkeling, paddling, freediving or any other ocean sport you love. The collection also includes a pair of optional women’s leggings. The XSCAPE rashguards and leggings are 100% made from recycled plastic bottles and come in plastic free packaging inline with the eco-friendly philosophy of the XSCAPE collection.

Product Features

  • Fabric made of recycled plastic bottles: 85% polyester & 15% spandex. Chloride resistant polyester to make bright colors last longer
  • UV protection treatment: avoid putting harmful sunscreen chemicals into the ocean thanks to our UV protected rashguards
  • Loose fitting to easily put on after diving
  • Matching women’s Rashguard available which can be used below a wetsuit, for snorkeling, freediving or any other fitness activity
  • Reusable mesh bag included for transporting your rashguard after diving or for collecting waste
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