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BigBlue ERM Goodman Handle

BigBlue ERM Goodman Handle




This easy-release Goodman handle has an integrated quick-release system. Light not included. Fits any light with a two-prong mounting square (AL1800 and up).

AL1800XWP, AL2600XWP, TL2500P, TL2600P, TL2800P, TL2900P, TL3100P, TL3500P, TL3800, TL3800-SUPREME, VTL2500P, VTL2600P, VTL2800P, VTL3100P, VTL3500P, VTL3800P, VTL4200P, TL4000P, TL4500P, TL4800P, TL5200P, TL8000P, VL4000P, VL4200P, VTL2600P, VTL5000P, VTL5500P, VTL6000P, VTL6300P, VTL8000P, VTL10000P, VL8000P-TC, VL9000P, VL10000P, VL15000P, VL18000P, VL33000P, CB4000P, CB6500P, CB7200P, CB10000P, CB15000P, CB30000P

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