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Fourth Element Arctic Top Women's

Fourth Element Arctic Top Women's

Fourth Element



Elevate Your Dive Experience with the Fourth Element Arctic Top

Hello, lovely divers! Dive into the depths with unparalleled confidence and comfort with our Fourth Element Arctic Top. Expertly tailored to satisfy the meticulous demands of diving aficionados, this piece is an emblem of design excellence and innovative functionality that sets you miles apart from the pack.

Dive Deep with the Arctic Edge

Our Arctic Top is a masterpiece of dual-layer high insulation combined with lightweight fabric, providing unmatched thermal protection. Crafted to perfection, its sleek design complements those close-fitting neoprene drysuits, promising a performance that's nothing short of spectacular.

Say goodbye to the annoyances of gear adjustments. The elongated body design ensures seamless integration with trousers, eliminating any unwarranted drafts. Thumb loops, a diver's tiny best friend, guarantee your sleeves stay loyal to you during donning, and once you're set, tuck them neatly under your wrist seals. And here's a golden tip: for a flawless dive experience, ensure you tuck this top into the trouser waistband before you step into your drysuit.

When layering, the Arctic Top gracefully fits under both membrane and trilaminate suits. Its cutting-edge, quick-wicking fabric orchestrates the perfect micro-environment around you, keeping you dry and snug. Dive into the plushness of the high-density inner fleece that is the champion of insulation, comfort, and moisture management. The cherry on top? The water-repellent exterior layer that holds everything together for that impeccable snugness.

Our Arctic Top boasts a smart air management system that emphasizes efficiency over bulkiness. By effectively controlling the air within the fibers, it maintains warmth without excessive thickness, ensuring optimal heat without compromising air release.

And here's the real magic: even if you're faced with the unexpected dampness or a drysuit hiccup, the Arctic Top's got your back. Many divers, in their adventures, have been pleasantly surprised by its outstanding warmth retention even after encountering drysuit issues, often only realizing minor leaks post-dive. This, dear divers, is the Fourth Element Arctic promise.

Product Features

  • Optimal Warmth: Ensures you're shielded from the cold
  • Sleek Yet Insulated: Lightweight without compromising warmth
  • Unyielding Performance: Stellar warmth even when damp
  • Simple Care: Just machine wash and prep for the next dive
  • Elite Choice: Trusted by FBI dive squads and global military divers
  • Extended Design: Ample overlap with trousers for maximum warmth
  • Thumb Loops: Keep those sleeves in check during donning
  • Premium Layering: Ideal beneath membrane and trilaminate suits
  • Efficient Air Management: Stellar warmth without the puff
  • Water-Resistant Exterior: Ensuring the snug embrace remains
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