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Trident Aqua-Optics Mask Magnifier Kit

Trident Aqua-Optics Mask Magnifier Kit




Aqua Optics stick-in magnifier lenses allow divers and snorkelers a quick & economical solution to adding magnification in dive masks. Reading your fish ID card, watch or camera settings is now possible without the expense of a full prescription mask. These optical-quality glass stick-on lenses are removable and reusable if you change masks yet won't accidentally wash out if your mask is flooded with water. Each package includes two semi-circular lenses, installation glue, and complete instructions. Installation takes minutes, and the glue sets completely in 6 hours. Five powers +1.00 to +3.00, with increments +0.5 available to fit a wide range of needs. Scuba mask is not included. Install these lenses in any scuba or snorkel mask with flat lenses.

Product Features

  • Optical-Quality Glass Lens Kit
  • Improves Underwater Vision
  • Economic Solution to Better Eyesight
  • Makes Reading Fish ID Cards, Gauges, Watches & Camera Settings Easer
  • Install in Any Scuba or Snorkel Mask with Flat Lenses
  • Removable and Reusable
  • Won't Accidentally Wash Out of Mask
  • Installation Takes Minutes, and Glue Sets in 6 Hours
  • Magnifier Power: +1.00 to +3.00, Increments +0.5
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