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Fourth Element Halo AR Men's

Fourth Element Halo AR Men's

Fourth Element



Fourth Element Halo AR: Dive with Advanced Comfort
Dive deeper into the realms of the underwater world with the Fourth Element Halo AR Men's Undergarment. Setting new benchmarks in diving comfort and thermal protection, this gear embraces the prowess of space-age technology.

Unparalleled Insulation with ARGON Technology
Born from innovations tailored for space exploration and cryogenics, the Halo AR proudly features the ultra-insulating material - ARGON aerogel. What's ARGON? It's a groundbreaking form of Aerogel, specifically developed for spacecraft insulation due to its unmatched insulation capabilities. Instead of the typical lightweight and hollow structure, ARGON showcases a foam-embedded version, making it perfect for a diving context. Thanks to ARGON, Halo AR delivers unparalleled thermal protection in a thinner, low-buoyant diving undersuit.

Masterfully Designed for Divers
With meticulous attention to diver movement, the Halo AR boasts an offset chest zip and baffles. This ensures minimal heat loss from the torso when maintaining a horizontal trim during dives. Extending from shoulders to knees, your body enjoys the warmth and insulation of ARGON. Selective bodymapping ensures that critical areas get the much-needed thermal boost, all without impeding mobility.

Product Features

  • ARGON Insulation - Experience next-level warmth with ARGON's superior thermal capabilities
  • Bodymapped Protection - Tailored thermal safeguarding aligned perfectly with your body's needs
  • Sleek Performance - Enjoy utmost comfort with a design that's efficient yet minimalistic
  • Horizontal Trim Optimisation - Crafted for enhanced mobility during horizontal diving stances
  • P-Valve Integration - Comes ready to accommodate a P-valve for diving convenience
  • Unmatched Warmth - Dive deeper with consistent, extraordinary warmth surrounding you
  • Water-Resistant Shield - A layer specially designed to repel water, keeping you dry
  • Flexible Fit Fabric - Fabric that stretches in all directions, ensuring a flawless fit
  • Easy Care - Hassle-free maintenance with the convenience of machine washing
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