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Henderson 5mm Aqualock Quickdry Glove

Henderson 5mm Aqualock Quickdry Glove




Designed as part of the Aqua Lock system, these gloves utilize the same construction techniques employed by all Aqua Lock Wetsuits.

A special gauntlet extension on the glove allows for a secure grip when pulling gloves over the mating skin wrist cuff if used with the Aqua Lock suit. The Aqua Lock glove exterior features Henderson’s renowned Aquasilk laminate. The palm and fingers are also coated with a special thermally bonded silicone grip pattern to assure a secure grip in all conditions. 

Product Features

  • Every seam on the gloves is first double glued and blind stitched inside and out.
  • The outer seam is coated with a special waterproof Aqua Lock liquid tape barrier which seals the seam from water entry and also helps protect the stitching from damage and unraveling.
  • Each glove is lined with Henderson’s exclusive Quik-Dry lining which significantly accelerates dry times and provides luxurious comfort and makes putting on and taking off the gloves a breeze.
  • Can be used with or without combining the Aqua Lock suit, gloves, hood, and boots system.
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