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Halcyon Defender Pro 200 ft reel w/handle #24 line SS double

Halcyon Defender Pro 200 ft reel w/handle #24 line SS double




This unique guideline device combines the powerful utility of the Halcyon Pathfinder™ reel, with the elegant simplicity and unique portability of the Halcyon Defender Pro™ series of spools. The Defender Pro 200 can rapidly be converted from a Pathfinder style reel, to a Defender Pro style spool, including all the benefits of the revolutionary Defender Pro Easy Grip™ adaptor.
  • Easily convertible between a Pathfinder™ and Defender™ style guideline device
  • Small and super light form factor makes it a joy to carry; it even fits in a halcyon pocket
  • 200’ (60m) length of #24 line
  • Perfect for shooting SMBs, short distance cave penetration, long jumps, or used as a spare
  • Pathfinder™ style provides a small form factor, with full functionality
    • Allows easy operation with the Halcyon Goodman light handle
    • Special name plate allows easy personalization
    • Unique attachment option reduces risk of accidental clip opening
    • Specially shaped handle provides a no-slip fit for Halcyon Scout reserve light
  • Defender Pro™ style conversion provides unsurpassed portability and feature rich operation
    • Solid center reduces spool size, enhancing portability and ease of operation
    • Easy to hold with a comfortable grip and self-centering operation
  • Easy Grip™ adaptor blends the functionality of a reel with the portability of a spool
    • Free spin and fully locked position maximizes operational flexibility
    • Easy Grip™ can be retrofit on any Defender Pro spool
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