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Indigo Industries BZ- Zulu Black W/Lights/A1 BP- BCD

Indigo Industries BZ- Zulu Black W/Lights/A1 BP- BCD

Indigo Industries




MATIC is a quick connect and disconnect system. The MATIC system connects magnetically to the item but holds mechanically. Patent Pending


connects to the BCD and Tank with one click.  Divers can place BCD on and get set up prior and connect to tank moments before jumping into the water. 

Waist & Chest Strap - MATIC SYSTEM 

connects all straps with a single handed connect.

Weight Pockets - MATIC SYSTEM

allows quick connect of weight system to BCD.  MATIC system holds weight pockets in place until strap is pulled for release.



The intergraded LED light system gives divers the ability to have hands free light during any dive with on and off switches. The system is rechargeable and last 2.5 hours. 

LED 2000 Lumens Light System - 

Located on the front of the BCD. Optional ultraviolet light - open a whole new world of diving at night. 

LED Low Lumen Lighting - 

Located in the rear of the BCD. With this system you can change the color of lights. Options: choose an individual color. group color and/our buddy color. 

Buddy Rear Lighting System-

Choose at any time from 6 different rear lighting colors: Red, Green, Pink, Yellow , Blue and White. 



Optional backplates choices are available. Indigo backplate configurations enhances comfort and optimizes movement. If you purchase a BCD lighting system separately, you must purchase an Indigo  backplate to fit the lighting battery source. Our backplates fit a variety of standard backplate and wing systems. 

Anodized Aluminum (This backplate is standard), Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

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