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Sherwood Oracle+

Sherwood Oracle+




For those of you looking for a little extra strength reading when looking at your Computer or Gauge, Sherwood has the mask for you.

Sherwood took one iof ts best selling and best fitting masks, the Sherwood Oracle, and made it even better. Now with +1.75 Positive Diopters located at the base of each lens, the Sherwood Oracle+ delivers that added dimension.

Think of it as bifocal glasses built right into the mask.


  • +1.75 Diopter lenses
  • Low profile, excellent wide and downward views
  • Pivot Buckle/Strap
  • Ergonomic nose pocket
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Fits a variety of faces
  • Available Colors: Black, Black Silicone, Steel Blue, Lemon Yellow
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