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XS Scuba Miflex Dual Swivel Regulator Hose

XS Scuba Miflex Dual Swivel Regulator Hose

XS Scuba



Are you tired of feeling like your hose is trying to push your regulator out of your mouth? Get the new Miflex DS (Dual Swivel) hose and take comfort and flexibility to a new level. The LP XS Scuba Low Pressure Regulator Hose has a swivel build into the end of the hose where it meets the second stage of your Regulator.  

Product Features

  • Increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue
  • The 360º swivel on the first stage end prevents hose twisting and optimizes hose direction
  • The 60º swivel ball joint on the second stage end eliminates the push and pull on the mouthpiece
  • Overall length = 28"  (71 cm)
  • Chromed brass construction with Viton O-rings
  • Approved for use for use with up to 40% oxygen
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