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NED Emergency Response Refresher

NED Emergency Response Refresher

About this Class:

This course is intended to refresh the preexisting knowledge of life saving skills that may be needed in an emergency situation having to do with scuba diving. This refresher class will also fulfill the mandatory biannual updates requirement for those who already hold, CPR, first aid, use of an AED in emergency situations involving infants, children, and adults, and emergency oxygen (O2) administration.

This Course Is For:

  • Scuba Divers, boat staff, and other individuals who already hold CPR/1st Aid/AED/O2 Administration credentials.
  • The above-mentioned certification holders in need of re-certification biannually.

This Course Must:

  • Be taken Biannually to ensure CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and O2 Administration skills are retained, and to uphold previous certifications in these areas.

Online Training:

  • Not Required for this course.

    With Your Instructor:

    Review essential skills for helping others in an emergency. Get hands-on experience administering CPR using a special manikin, practice 1st ais skills, apply your skills in a role-playing scenario, review the use of an AED, review the process and procedure of oxygen administration in a scuba diving emergency setting.
    • Prerequisites: Existing certification in CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and O2 Administration.

    After Purchasing this Class:

    Check your email. Notification of class details and other important information will be sent within 24-48hrs of purchasing.  
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