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Scubapro Aladin A2 Wrist Watch Computer

Scubapro Aladin A2 Wrist Watch Computer




Offering just the right balance of topside features, underwater functions, and ease of use, SCUBAPRO’s A2 wrist-style dive computer will quickly become an integral part of not just your diving life, but your everyday life as well.

Designed for advanced divers and technical divers, the versatile A2 dive computer is also great for CCR divers and freedivers who crave a compact dive computer to help them to excel in their sport.

The A2's enhanced features include wireless air-integration with multiple transmitters, a heart rate monitor, six dive modes, and a digital tilt-compensated 3D compass for easy surface and underwater navigation.

It also offers a high-resolution matrix display, intuitive menu and four button controls for easy navigation through the system, and the PMG ZH-L16 ADT MB algorithm accommodates eight gases from 21% to 100% oxygen (02) plus two in CCR mode.

Product Features

  • Gas Capability: 21-100% Nitrox, 8 gases plus 2 in CCR mode
  • Algorithm: PMG ZH-L16 ADT MB
  • Modes: Scuba, Gauge, Freediving, Trimix, Sidemount, and CCR
  • Depth Rating: 120 meters
  • Dealer replaceable battery rated up to 500 dives
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