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Scubapro S270 Octopus

Scubapro S270 Octopus





The ideal backup breather for your dive system, the S270 Octopus is tough, reliable, and easy to use. Its air-balanced design can be counted on to deliver top-notch breathing performance when you need it most.


The balanced valve relieves inhalation effort when diving to different depths and delivery pressures.

Lightweight case made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a special PU coating, it is extremely durable and also helps reduce jaw fatigue and improve diving comfort.

Plastic technopolymer valve seat with metal thread and balanced valve to reduce weight and offer a surface that ice crystals cannot stick to even in extremely cold water conditions.

The dive / pre-dive lever is easy to use even when wearing thick gloves.

The exhaust fitting is compact and very efficient in minimizing exhalation effort.

The compact high-flow mouthpiece is comfortable, made of FDA approved silicone and features a large section to maximize airflow.

High visibility front cover to make it visible when needed.

The yellow super-flow hose is 1m long and features an oversized gauge that allows for more airflow with each inhalation.

CE certified in accordance with the latest European standards EN250A for all diving conditions, including diving in extremely cold water.
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