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Scubapro Snorkel Holder Escape/Eclipse/Phoenix/Laguna

Scubapro Snorkel Holder Escape/Eclipse/Phoenix/Laguna




One of the best ways to keep your snorkel safe on your dive or snorkel adventure is to keep it attached to your mask. If the current gets strong or choppy, you won’t need to worry about your snorkel floating away with the waves when you use this ScubaPro Snorkel Keeper. It’s made to fit the ScubaPro Escape, Eclipse, Phoenix, and Laguna snorkels perfectly, so if any of those are your snorkel, then this is your snorkel keeper

Product Features

Spare or replacement snorkel keeper

Keeps your snorkel securely connected to your mask

Made from durable plastic

Designed for ScubaPro Escape, Eclipse, Phoenix, and Laguna snorkels

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