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SDI OWSD (Step 3) Open Water OW

SDI OWSD (Step 3) Open Water OW

Open Water Training is Step 3 of the Open Water Scuba Diver Certification program. 

This class takes place with your instructor in an open water environment using scuba gear. (Like the ocean, a lake, or quarry.) SDI open water training is the last required step in obtaining your SDI Open Water Scuba Diver certification. Step 1: E-learning and Step 2: Confined Water Training, are prerequisits of this class. 

  • Prerequisites: Able to swim & tread water; medically fit for diving. Completion of the SDI E-learning program and SDI Confined Water Training Program.
  • Total time commitment: (2) 4-hour sessions
  • Minimum age: 10 years or older
  • Availability: Open Water Water training courses are offered about 1-2 weekends a month May-Oct (Or more often weather depending.) 

After purchasing this class:

Check your email. Notification of class details and other important information will be sent within 24-48hrs of purchasing.  
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