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XS Scuba Sea Pearls Standard Fill Checker

XS Scuba Sea Pearls Standard Fill Checker

XS Scuba



This easy-to-use XS Scuba Standard Fill Checker is designed for K valves only. It has a large 2.75" (7cm) diameter, stainless steel case gauge which provides dual scale psi and bar. The large, stainless steel bleed screw is replaceable. Take the easy way to check the pressure in your yoke style tank! Tired of mounting your complete regulator on your cylinder to check tank pressure? The pressure gauge includes 5,000 psi (350 bars) range readout, chrome plated marine grade brass high pressure yoke fitting and bleed-off valve for easy detachment. Gauge is equipped with impact resistant rubber boot for added protection and a large plastic yoke screw. Boot includes hole in top for over-pressure plug, Twist bleed-off valve has a positive seal PDVF seat.

Product Features

  • Tank Pressure Checker
  • Easy-Way to Check Tank Pressure
  • Read-Out: 5000 psi (350 bars) Pressure Gauge
  • Impact Resistant Rubber Gauge Boot
  • Gauge Boot w/Hole-In-Top for Over-Pressure Plug
  • Large Easy to Operate Yoke Hand Wheel
  • Integrated Bleed Valve
  • Materials:
    Yoke & Fittings: Chrome-Plated, Marine Grade Brass
    Gauge Case & Bleed Screw: Stainless Steel
    Bleed Screw Seat: PDVF
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