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Sealife Flex Connect Ultra Dual Tray

Sealife Flex Connect Ultra Dual Tray




The SeaLife Flex-Connect Ultra Dual Tray is the latest addition the the flex family this 2023. The tray has a boomerang shaped design which allows you to bring the camera or smartphone closer to the subject. It can also accommodate larger housings and offers several mounting options for the lights. The photographer can mount the lights in front or behind the camera. 

The tray uses a¼-20” stainless camera/tripod mounting bolt, mounting the camera or housing to a rubber pad on the surface of the tray. The ¼-20 mounting bolt can move laterally by 2.7” (69mm) for more flexibility in attaching cameras. The new tray also has underneath mounting options for cameras, lights or gear storage such as lenses via two ¼-20 threaded mounts.

It is made from rigid and durable polycarbonate material and mount together using SeaLife’s proprietary Clic-Loc joint assembly that securely holds the trays, grips and other components together, and easily releases them with a push of a button.

Product Features

  • Boomerang Shape
  • Front or Behind Light Mounting Option
  • Can Accommodate Larger Compact Camera & Smartphone Housings 
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