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Sealife Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo Video Light Head

Sealife Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo Video Light Head




The compact Sealife Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost Photo-Video light is a powerful photo, video, and dive light that replenishes lost colors underwater by combining red and white light frequencies for a balanced, warm effect.   With a simple one-button push, you can switch from a brilliant 5000 lumen to brilliant 5000 lumen beam to the Color Boost feature, which  adds warmth by using the light’s proprietary red LED’s to a warm color temperature of 3700 Kelvin.   Brightness output can also be adjusted to 6000 lumen for a 2 minutes time (to conserve power) and 6000 lumen with Color Boost (4000K Color temp.), 3000 lumen, 1500 lumen, and Red-only “Stealth” mode.   The two red LEDs alone are perfect for night dives.

Product Features

  • 5000 Lumens, 120° wide beam
  • 6000 Lumens, 2 minute 
  • Two 180 lumen red 88° LEDs included
  • Easy & Advanced modes
  • 8 Light Settings including Color Boost™
  • 2 emergency modes
  • Depth rated to 330ft/100m
  • Corrosion-proof light head
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