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Trident 8 oz. Pump Silicone Spray

Trident 8 oz. Pump Silicone Spray




Keeping your equipment in the best condition is important to its long life and dependability. Rubber items get dried out and can become cracked from exposure to sun, salt and chlorine. Keeping these items moist with the proper lubrication will prolong their life. Tubes and tubs of grease can be difficult to work with when you need to lubricate large items. This Aqua Silicone Pump Conditioner makes this task fast and easy.

Lubricates and conditions all rubber products. Lubricant prevents oxidation and corrosion from salt water exposure. Ideal for wet suits, boots and gloves, gear bag zippers, hose protectors, spear guns, rubber slings, masks, fins, snorkels and more. Just spray on item and you're done. The Aqua Silicone Pump Conditioner comes in a convenient 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) pump spray applicator bottle.

Product Features

  • Easy Pump Spray
  • Prolongs Life of Rubber Goods
  • Great for Larger Items
  • Must for Proper Preventative Maintenance
  • Convenient 8 fl. oz. (237 ml) Pump Spray Applicator Bottle
  • Food Grade Silicone Spray
  • Prevents Oxidation and Corrosion
  • Just Spray On Item and You're Done
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