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Trident Equiptment Care Package

Trident Equiptment Care Package




The Trident 6 Piece Equipment Care Package in Personal Dry Bag includes the most essential products you need to clean and maintain your kit, bundled together in a personal dry bag.

Sterisol germicide liquid (available in 4oz spray bottle, Trident item number LP61) disinfects and deodorizes your reg and octo.

Trident wetsuit cleaner (available in 8oz bottle, Trident item number LP40) and BC cleaner (available in 8oz bottle, Trident item number LP50) make it fast and easy to clean and condition your suit and BC.

Defog drops (Trident item number TR-17) apply a lasting defog treatment.

Sink the Stink single use packets (also available in a 4oz bottle, Trident item number LP92) utilizes all-natural, biodegradable enzymes and beneficial bacteria to deodorize your neoprene pieces better than any ordinary soap or disinfectant can.

All of these products come bundled in Trident’s 7 x 10 inch (17.78 x 25.4cm) personal dry bag (item number DA07). Fold over, hook and loop closure provides a double seal. Convenient braided cord with locking toggle allows for wear around the neck.

Makes a great gift for divers!


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