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Fourth Element X-Core Vest Men's

Fourth Element X-Core Vest Men's

Fourth Element



Fourth Elements answer to the electrically heated vest or undergarment. Utilizing the body's own heat output and retaining it, weight for weight the X-Core is Fourth Elements warmest undergarment yet. Pair it with an Arctic, Halo 3D or Arctic Expedition (see SKU's: PCKDA1, FRTXT500T, FRTH3TP) to experience warmth without batteries or wires. The sleeveless design of the vest minimizes impact on buoyancy and overall bulk especially in the shoulders and arms where freedom of movement is critical. The four-way stretch fabric combined with long body design ensures a snug fit, minimizing cold points. The additional chest panel helps to minimize the rush of cold air from the inlet valve of dry suit and provides extra thermal protection in a key exposure area. The fast wicking fabric moves perspiration towards the outer surface, keeping the wearer drier and warmer.

The physiological response to cold stress is to reduce blood flow to the periphery and look after the body core, where it can often just be a matter of time before cold becomes the limiting factor in the safety and enjoyment of a dive. X-Core provides extreme thermal protection to the core, enabling longer, more comfortable dives. Designed to be worn under an Arctic, Arctic Expedition, Halo 3D or any other dry suit undergarment, X-Core augments thermal protection to the extent that electric heating can be avoided in many instances. It performs best over a lightweight base layer such as J2 or Xerotherm (see SKU: FRTXT250T), but the X-Core can also be worn as a next-to-skin garment for critical core protection.

Ocean Positive:
More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year, endangering marine and bird life and creating almost unfathomable areas of pollution, from local water courses to vast plastic gyres. Reducing the plastic, we discard is part of the solution to improving the health of our oceans. X-Core is made with REPREVE - a fiber that is made from recycled post-consumer waste, including used plastic bottles. Plastic is removed from the waste stream and prevented from reaching the ocean. 76% of the fiber composition of X-Core is recycled polyester. The Polartec Degree Fabric used in X-Core is manufactured to the highest environmental standards. It has Blue Sign and Oeko-Tex Degree Certification to indicate that harmful chemicals are minimized or eliminated, and that waste water is treated to ensure its purity before being released from the factory. Odor resistant, machine washable and is made from 76% recycled polyester / 16% polyester / 8% elastane. Vest is available in multiple sizes.

Product Features

  • Answer to Electrically Heated Vest or Undergarment
  • Utilizing Body's Own Heat Output and Retaining It
  • Weight for Weight X-Core is Fourth Elements Warmest Undergarment Yet
  • Pair w/Arctic, Halo 3D or Arctic Expedition (see SKU's: PCKDA1, FRTXT500T, FRTH3TP)
  • Experience Warmth w/o Batteries or Wires
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric & Long Body Design Ensures Snug Fit, Minimizing Cold Points
  • Additional Chest Panel: Minimize Rush of Cold Air from Inlet Valve of Dry Suit
  • Provides Extra Thermal Protection in Key Exposure Area
  • Fast Wicking Fabric:
    Moves Perspiration Towards Outer Surface
    Keeps Wearer Drier & Warmer
  • X-Core Provides Extreme Thermal Protection to Core
  • Enabling Longer, More Comfortable Dives
  • Performs Best Over Lightweight Base Layer Such As J2 or Xerotherm (see SKU: FRTXT250T)
  • Can Be Worn as Next-to-Skin Garment for Critical Core Protection
  • Ocean Positive:
    8 Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Our Oceans Every Year
    Endangering Marine & Bird Life & Creating Unfathomable Areas of Pollution
    Reducing Plastic, We Discard is Part of Solution
  • X-Core is Made w/REPREVE
    Fiber Made from Recycled Post-Consumer Waste
    76% of Fiber Composition of X-Core is Recycled Polyester
  • Polartec Degree Fabric Used in X-Core is Manufactured to Highest Environmental Standards
  • Blue Sign & Oeko-Tex Degree Certification to Indicate Harmful Chemicals are Minimized or Eliminated
  • Odor Resistant, Machine Washable
  • Fabric: 76% Recycled Polyester/16% Polyester/8% Elastane
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