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XS Scuba BC Wash-Out Hose

XS Scuba BC Wash-Out Hose

XS Scuba



Rinsing your BCD bladder is important to the life of your buoyancy control device. Mineral deposits when allowed to dry can cut right through the urethane laminate or bladder requiring replacement of the BCD bag or bladder. XS Scuba's unique design not only cleans your BCD internal bladder, but it also cleans your inflator mechanism. The XS Scuba BC Wash-Out Hose is designed to fit on any inflator with a standard male QD nipple.

Hose allows you to wash the inside of you BC to remove build up salt crystals or foreign debris. Simply hook the hose to a standard garden hose and push inflator button. Making Scuba Equipment maintenance a snap, simply slowly fill the BCD bladder half full of clean fresh water, slosh it around and invert the BCD and let the water drain from all valves. Once you're done, inflate the BCD and let air dry, that easy! Hose is manufactured from the same durable materials as your BCD inflator hose.

Product Features

  • Fits Inflators w/Standard Male QD Nipple
  • Easy to Use
  • Attach Large End to Garden Hose
  • Attach Small End to Inflator QD Nipple
  • Depress the Power Inflator Button
  • Turn On Garden Hose for Light Flow
  • Fill BCD About Half Full
  • Give BC a Good Shaking
  • Invert BC; Drain Water & Debris Out by Depressing Oral Inflator Button & Dump Valves
  • Inflate and Allow to Dry Before Storing
  • Wash the Inside of Your BC Often
  • Increases Life of Buoyancy Control Device
  • Durable Construction: Plated Brass and Rubber
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