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XS Scuba Beefy Socks

XS Scuba Beefy Socks

XS Scuba



The XS Scuba Beefy Socks are a divers dream when it comes to protecting the feet when snorkeling, Scuba diving and when layering under an exposure suit. If you snorkel and your fins chaff your feet making them sore or blistered those days are gone. The Beefy Socks will act as a barrier and keep your feet comfortable and abrasion free. If you Scuba and have trouble sliding your exposure suit over your feet, the Beefy Socks slick smooth surface will let your exposure suit glide over your feet for ease of donning.

Layering has always been the diver's way of staying warm. The Beefy Socks can help here too! Not only will your exposure suit go on easier, the polyolefin fleece material will capture water and warm it. Once the water is warmed the fleece lining will hold it longer than just your neoprene boots, keeping you warmer longer on a dive. Staying warmer longer on a dive means slower respiration, conservation of air supply and longer bottom times.

Built-to-last and provide comfort the Beefy Socks are made from a heavy-duty 280 GSM four-way stretch polyolefin a polypropylene material with a fleece backing. All the Beefy Socks seams are flat-lock stitch which won't leave the telltale marks that look like railroad tracks found when wearing wet suit boots without the socks. So, take the effort out of putting on your wet suit and boots, reduce foot discomfort with full foot fins and stay warmer on every dive with XS Scuba's Beefy Socks. Socks are black in color.

Product Features

  • Take the Effort Out of Putting on Dive Boots
  • Great for Layering: Increased Warmth
  • Reduce Foot Discomfort with Full Foot Fins
  • 100% 4-Way Stretch Polyolefin Fleece Material
  • Heavy 280 Grams per Square Meter Weight
  • Polyolefin is Polypropylene with Fleece Backing
  • Manufactured with Flat-Lock Stitching
  • One-Size Fits Most
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