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XS Scuba "EZ" QD Adapter

XS Scuba "EZ" QD Adapter

XS Scuba



Gripping your inflator or dry suit hose with two fingers, while pulling back on the locking collar with two more fingers on the same hand is difficult if not impossible for some people, using two hands means you need a third to complete the task. XS Scuba's has a QD Adapter that converts any LP hose into an EZQD Hose. Hose adapter eliminates this hassle and allows one handed installation, just place adapter over the end of the QD fitting of your BCD inflator or dry suit valve and push it into place.

Adapter will work on most inflators and dry suit QD's. Once you need to disconnect the hose the large oversized collar makes removal easy even with gloved hands. Adapter is made from marine grade chrome platted brass and will thread onto any standard second-stage end of an LP hose. All O-rings are Viton, so the adapter is oxygen ready out of the package. EZQD has a working pressure of 200 psi (13.8 bars) or below and is easy to install on the end of a low-pressure hose.

Product Features

  • Convert Standard Regulator LP Hose to Low Pressure EZ QD Hose
  • Easily Installs to Second Stage End of LP Regulator Hose
  • "EZ" attach BC and Dry Suit QD Hoses
  • Replace BC and Dry Suit Inflator Hoses with EZQD Converted Hoses
  • Simple Attachment without Pulling Back the QD Collar, Just Push!
  • Easy Disconnect with or w/o Gloves with Easy-Grip Wide Collar
  • Oxygen Cleaned with Viton O-Rings Out-of-the-Box
  • Upgrade Rental BC's. Students Will Love-You-for-It!
  • Working Pressure: 200 psi (13.8 bars) or Below
  • Fitting Material: Marine Grade Chromed Platted Brass
  • Easy to Install
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