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XS Scuba High Pressure Hose QD Adapter

XS Scuba High Pressure Hose QD Adapter

XS Scuba



Protecting your computer or instrument console is of high priority. XS Scuba's Quick Disconnect (QD) Adapter Bayonet Mount allows you with a simple push and turn by hand to detach your dive instruments from the high-pressure hose. Since tools are not required, one can quickly remove the computer module or instrument to be protected, kept secure or downloaded log book data. When ready for use again the gauge can be quickly reconnected, safely and securely. The quick disconnect is manufactured to be nitrox compatible.

Add to any pressure gauge, console or air integrated console which uses a standard high pressure hose. Durably constructed from brass with a black chrome finish adapter has gauge end with 7/16-20 female threads and hose attachment. End has 7/16-20 male threads. Adapter comes complete with air-spool and Viton O-rings for out-of-the-box installation. Adapter is designed for 3,442 psi (237 bar) service pressure.

Product Features

  • Remove Gauges for Safe Storage
  • Download Computer Data when Not Attached to Regulator System
  • Easier to Log Dive Data from Instruments
  • Bayonet Mount Style Quick-Connect (push and turn)
  • Gauge Attachment End has 7/16-20 Female Threads
  • Hose Attachment End has 7/16-20 Male Threads
  • Air-Spool with Viton O-Rings Included
  • Brass Construction with Black Chrome Finish
  • Nitrox Ready
  • Designed for 3,442 psi (237 bar) Service Pressure
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