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XS Scuba Neoprene Knife Wrap

XS Scuba Neoprene Knife Wrap

XS Scuba



You prefer to wear your dive knife on your leg but find that unless you're diving a 5mm or thicker wet suit the hard-plastic sheath and straps hurts your leg. XS Scuba's Neoprene Knife Wrap is an alternative way to wear your knife on your leg with added comfort. Even when not wearing an exposure suit or wearing a shorty this neoprene knife wrap adds comfort.

Knife wrap is made from soft, but durable nylon-2 neoprene rubber with a slip-resistant backing for added security. Adjustable hook and loop straps for mounting to your lower leg are more comfortable then straps with hard plastic buckles. XS Scuba's Neoprene Knife Wrap allows you to mount the knife sheath from your knife with a soft padded layer between your leg and the sheath. Knife wrap has a versatile design for use with Fog-Cutter, Recon, Beta Titanium, Saw (see SKU's: XSSK, XSSKR, XSSSKN) and Many other manufacturers' knives. Knife wrap has sewn taped edges for extra strength and durability.

Product Features

  • Convenient Way to Hold Knife Sheath
  • Nylon-2 Neoprene Construction w/Slip-Resistant Backing
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop Straps for Mounting to Lower Leg
  • Adds Soft Cushioned Layer Between Leg and Hard Sheath
  • Sewn Taped Edges for Durability and Strength
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