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XS Scuba Higland Stainless D-Ring Holder

XS Scuba Higland Stainless D-Ring Holder

XS Scuba



Setting up a stage bottle rig for decompression/safety stops requires a variety special hardware. You need to install D-Rings for clipping off the cylinders to decompression/safety stop lines that will hold them securely. The Highland by XS Scuba Stainless D-Ring Holder (Taco) is an intricate component of this hardware. The D-Ring Holder (Taco) can be placed under a metal hose clamp with room to install a 2" (5cm) D-ring. The D-Ring Holder measures (L x W) 1.5" x 0.65" (3.8cm x 1.67cm). The Highland by XS Scuba 316-Stainless D-Ring Holder (Taco) makes a great save-a-dive-kit item.

    Product Features

    • Required Hardware for Setting-Up Stage Bottle Rigs
    • Works in Conjunction w/2" (5cm) D-Rings
    • Creates Clip-Off Point for Stage Bottles On Deco/Safety Stop Lines
    • Durable Corrosion Resistant 316-Stainless-Steel
    • Great Save-A-Dive-Kit Item
    • Dimensions: (L x W) 1.5" x 0.65" (3.8cm x 1.67cm)
    • Holds Rig Securely
    • Placed Under Metal Hose Clamp Around Cylinder
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